I have achieved 100% on my dissertation!

I feel incredibly proud to announce that my dissertation/final year project for my BSc (Hons) Computer Science has been awarded 100/100 marks (subject to exam board confirmation), with feedback from academics including “the best L3 project and report of all my years as an academic”, “a highly impressive piece of work that exceeds any reasonable expectations for an undergraduate project”, “an excellent undergraduate piece of work, that could conceivably be developed further to institute real impact” and “by far the most comprehensive and insightful review in the domain of interest comparable to a doctoral dissertation literature review.“

My project entitled “Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve the Glycaemic Control of Insulin Dependent Type 1 Diabetics” involved demonstrating 5 different techniques and methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning that could be used to support a Type 1 Diabetic patient in managing their condition. This was presented to the patient through an API built in Node.js, Express and MongoDB and a mobile application built in Ionic 3.

Overall, this project was an incredible opportunity, and the challenges that it posed really pushed me to achieve my best work and I’m incredible proud of the final outcome and grade!

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